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About FAQ Rainfall

Tuticorin rainfall is affected by the Sterlite operations. Highest amount of rainfall recorded in Tuticorin post closure of Sterlite.

Technically speaking there is no link between the copper operations and rainfall. Based on the rainfall data received from the National Meteorological Department, Chennai the annual average rainfall before Sterlite operations started was 569 mm (from 1990 to 1996). However, annual average rainfall after Sterlite operations commencement is 749 mm (1997 to 2015), which shows that there is a 32% increase in rainfall. Also, on 14th March 2018, Thoothukudi recorded highest ever rainfall in last 63 years i.e. when the plant was in operation.

The highest cumulative rainfall for the calendar year was also recorded in the year 2008 with 1411 mm i.e. also when the plant was in operation.