FAQ-Hazardous Waste Management

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About FAQ Hazardous Waste Management

Huge quantity of hazardous waste is generated by Sterlite Copper.

Every tonne of hazardous waste generated inside the plant is accounted and disposed off in the secured landfill facility constructed and operated as per the CPCB guidelines. The details of the hazardous waste quantity generated and disposed is submitted to TNPCB in the form of manifests submitted every month and through annual returns.

Huge quantity of disposal of hazardous waste within in Sterlite causing ground water contamination.

Hazardous waste generated is disposed in Secured Land Fill facility. Piezometric borewells are located surrounding the SLF. The samples are collected by TNPCB every month to analyse the quality of ground water. The ground water quality in these piezometric borewells is comparable with the baseline ground water quality.

Hazardous waste is not disposed to the authorized recyclers.

Hazardous waste generated is disposed with the authorized recyclers. The quantity of hazardous generated and sold to authorized recyclers is submitted to TNPCB in the form of manifests and annual returns.

All the elements in the hazardous waste are not fixed.

All the metals in the present in traces are technologically removed in the Gas Cleaning Plant and secondary gas scrubbers of the Petitioner Unit and treated/fixed in the ETP cake, which is disposed in SLF.

Sterlite was disposing the hazardous waste without valid authorization. Sterlite was not disclosing the quantity of hazardous waste generated and disposed to TNPCB.
The unit has been submitting the application for the renewal of hazardous waste authorization from the year 2013 and abiding by the stipulated Hazardous Waste Management rules. Hazardous waste generation, handling, storage, transportation and disposal is in line with the stipulated rules. All the clarifications sought by the TNPCB are addressed duly and the application is currently pending with the TNPCB.