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Sterlite do not have adequate ambient air quality monitoring stations and the monitoring data is not reliable.

Sterlite Copper is equipped with 7 Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations and 8 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations. All the air quality monitoring stations are positioned in the predominant wind directions and was verified by the CPCB, TNPCB and NGT Committee. All the Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations are connected to the Care Air Centre, TNPCB and CPCB to monitor the ambient air quality 24×7.

In addition, TNPCB monitors the ambient air quality through 3 National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations under NAMP (National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme) in Thoothukudi. (AVM Jewellers, SIPCOT, RAJA Agencies). The NAAMP ambient air quality data for the past 20 years reveals that the Sulphur Dioxide and NOx emissions in the aforesaid three monitoring stations are within the norms.

Sterlite is releasing higher amount of sulphur dioxide emissions and releasing noxious gas to atmosphere causing health ill-effect to people living surrounding the plant.

The prescribed emission norms for SO2 is 1 KG of SO2 for every MT of Sulphuric acid produced, whereas our Sulphuric Acid Plant operations emit much lower levels of around 0.7 KG per MT of Acid generation. The lower emissions have been possible due to major technological advancements such as 3 +1 Converters, usage of high efficiency caesium promoted catalyst, continuous operation of Tail Gas scrubbers etc.,

Further, the plant is built with robust trip and interlocking system for any higher emissions and the same has been verified for its integrity by various Committees.

Sterlite is releasing all the mercury in to the environment

The process / technology of the petitioner is equipped to handle traces of mercury content present in the raw material, at the Gas Cleaning Section (through wet scrubbing and 2 stage wet electrostatic precipitators) of Sulphuric Acid Plant and this is further treated and fixed in the solid waste which is disposed in Secured Land Fill facility.

Tuticorin air quality is improved post closure of Sterlite.

RTI data recently made available by the TNPCB clearly indicates that during the period 2017-2019, there has been no significant change in the concentration level of SO2 and NOx in the ambient air in all monitoring sites of Thoothukudi.

The TNPCB data under discussion clearly reveals that the SO2 levels for the period prior and post the plant closure has remained unchanged, i.e. between 0-15 micro gram/cubic meter which is well within permissible levels of 80 micro gram/cubic meter (National Ambient Air Quality Standards 2009).